Magnum Opus

The final project for this class turned out to be a great way for me to showcase some of my photographs. I took up photography as a hobby over the summer and purchased a digital SLR camera. I’ve taken tons of photographs around DC but I have found that it is easier to go out and take lots of photographs than it is to then go through them to organize and touch them up. My original idea was to use the photos in a print design but using Final Cut Pro X to compile the photographs into a compilation video really worked well. The final product has a much bigger impact.

What surprised me the most was how a story developed that weaves the animation and effects, music, and the photographs themselves. I started by selecting which photographs I wanted to include in the video and then putting them on the timeline and key framing different movements and effects to match the music. Part way through I realized it made sense to have the night photos (my favorites) at the end of the video with a special effect that almost makes it seem like they are being drawn right before your eyes and have the daytime photos at the beginning. The daytime photographs help build up to the more profound photographs at the end. The most epic part of the music is right at the end where I put my favorite photograph, a double exposure of the Capitol dome with the statue Freedom silhouetted by a Full Moon.


From Canvas to Film

Log: A family quarrels before sitting down to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner.

Treatment: It’s Thanksgiving and family members begin showing up for dinner. As they arrive, guests get into various arguments with other family members. After the arguments are broken up and the guests are reminded about the purpose of thanksgiving, they take their seats at the table. The video freezes at the end on a shot that resembles Norman Rockwell’s Freedom From Want.

Lumiere Film

A surprise party is held, but when the person arrives, they are confused because it is not their birthday.

The scene opens with several friends decorating and hiding in preparation for a surprise birthday party. Once they are in place, the door opens and they surprise their friend as he walks in. The friend is startled and stands awkwardly as his friends greet him and present him with gifts. He demonstrates clearly to them that it is not his birthday. The friends, clearly disappointed, take back their gifts, clean up, and leave. The friend is left all alone.